Wednesday, 5 April 2017

200 rs Note [Whatsapp] Leaked Photo: Real or Fake? [5th April 2017] Uptate

Two days back we revealed to you that RBI is planning to Print the 200 Rs Note as a new Currency in Indian Market and Now one of the Leaked Picture of 200 Rs Note taking round on the web. It Looks very new Printing note but still the question rising in mind that Is that Real or Fake Note of 200 INR. This newly Leaked Note Taking Rounds on the Whatsapp.

According to a report by India Today, the new note is already in the pipeline and is only awaiting instructions from the central government to go ahead with the printing procedure.

"Rs 200 currency note is in the pipeline. But, unless it is notified by the central government, making a dye (block), working on security features and printing process of Rs 200 would not take place. So this time, RBI would implement its plan only after the Centre's notification," a source told India Today. The source also suggested that the government is planning to issue new Rs 1000 note.

On the Other Side it was the report that 200 Rs Note Printing is about to Start after the June Month. So the Big Question is Does RBI Allowed and Started Printing 200 Rupees Note?

Stay Tuned for the Official Update on Is the 200 INR Note is Real or Fake?

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